Message From President

The nature and intensity of our love and relationship increases from smaller part of our grid to the last one which profoundly influences our family to neighbor, village, city, region, and country. Besides these, language, tradition, and culture instinctively brings people together even we don’t know each other, and these facts become as an intense homesickness when we live away from our country as we are living in USA.

We are always desperate to find someone to learn about the new system and opportunity in USA. Moreover, we always wish to find someone who shares our language, region, and country. In contrast, we are living in the most developed country where we learn and earn with our hard work and imagine our home place to be like us as we are in USA. As a result we want to see them like us and curious to help and empower the people in our society in Nepal. 

Keeping the above circumstances in mind, Madheshi Association in America (MAA) was established and registered as a non-profit and non-political organization under the leadership of Mr. Suneel Sah, a founder president of MAA, with the cooperation and support of all background of Nepali Madheshies living in USA. The main mission of MAA is to provide a platform to help the Nepali Madheshies who come to USA to maintain their language, cultural, and social settlement. MAA is not limited to USA but has been working for the cause of social upgrade, education upliftment, better economy, and health of Nepali Madheshies including natural disaster of Madhesh in Nepal. 

I am delighted to introduce you to MAA and its advance vision through MAA website. MAA is an organization of all Madheshies members and willing to welcome any interested person who abides with its values encrypted in the bylaws of MAA. MAA has a meaningful and an impressive structure to decentralize its strength for the fulfillment of its objectives in favor of Madheshies. This composition not only broadens the area of work but it also allows the amalgamation of ideas with a strong bond of friendships within MAA itself. Furthermore, MAA has also expanded socially to the other Nepalese and USA organizations to initiate the basic and advance knowledge of Nepalese, particularly for Madheshies in abroad. 

Therefore, I would like to request all MAA friends and good wishers to focus on strengthening, promoting and advancing the mission of organization.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Ram Naresh Pandey
President (2018-2020)
Madheshi Association in America (MAA)

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